Matthew McConaughey Was Lied to by Mom for 40 Years About Winning Little Mr. Texas Contest

The 'Dallas Buyers Club' actor continues to share an unfavorable story about his mother, claiming he was lied to for four decades about winning a Little Mr. Texas contest.

AceShowbiz - Matthew Mcconaughey has discovered that he didn't actually win a Little Mr. Texas contest at the age of eight.

For over 40 years, his mother told him he won the competition as a youngster but, according to the Oscar winner, 51, he came across a picture while writing his book "Greenlights" and it emerged he was actually runner-up.

"I won something. Confetti fell and all of a sudden I got a trophy in my hand and I'm getting a picture taken of me," the "Dallas Buyers Club" actor tells Britain's "The One Show".

"My mother put that picture on the wall in the kitchen the day after I left the contest with the trophy," he explains. "Every day I'd come to breakfast and she'd say, 'Look at you, you are Little Mr Texas, Matthew.' "

However, the truth finally emerged when he stumbled upon the photograph while writing his memoir, with the star sharing, "Something caught my eye. I looked down the nameplate on the trophy and it said 'runner-up.' "

"For all those years, since 1977, I grew up believing I was Little Mr Texas. Mum had told me a fib," he insisted, revealing he called his mother, who remains adamant that he's the deserving winner.

"(She said,) 'No no no no no, the kid who won, they had a lot of money and his parents bought him a really expensive suit so we call that cheating, you're Little Mr Texas'," added "The Wolf of Wall Street" star, quipping, "Where would I be? Would I have the life that I have now if I grew up thinking I was runner-up?"

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