Niecy Nash on Fans Leaving Her Due to Her Sexuality: 'That Wasn't a Real Fan'

Commenting on one of Niecy's posts on Instagram, a fan tells the Emmy-nominated actress/comedian that she has lost 'a lot of fans that was loyal to her' because she marries a woman.

AceShowbiz - Niecy Nash is a happy married woman and nothing can change that. The "Claws" actress, who recently married her wife Jessica Betts, alludes in an Instagram comment that although some fans might leave her after she came out, she wouldn't care less.

Commenting on one of Niecy's posts on the photo-sharing platform, a fan brought the topic to the Emmy-nominated actress. "Just wondering have you noticed you have lost a lot of fans that was loyal to you before you came out sometimes it's just best to stay in Hollywood ain't it for everybody," the person wrote to the star.

It didn't take long for Niecy to respond to the comment with a lengthy message. "If I lost a fan because of who I love then that wasn't a real fan. Who/how I love has nothing to do with my art. I'm still a skilled, Emmy nominated award winning actress," she explained. "I didn't stop being great at my craft because of where I lay my head. Soooo idk?"

The "RENO 911!" alum went on to say, "All I know is I'm happy and my projects are lit. can't wait for those who never stopped riding to see! Matter of fact the haters can stay tuned as well." She concluded her message with a hashtag which read, "happily married."

Fans applauded Niecy for the clapback as one praised, "Talk that talk, Niecy! The fact that people are so bold on the internet to come out their face & say certain things they'd never say in person is crazy."

Some others blasted the commenter with a user seemingly accusing the person of just trying to get the comedian's attention. "Why do people feel the need to, 'I hope you noticed,' like you telling somebody something they care to hear? Who give a f**k to be honest. People only do this so that they can get a response. Coulda kept that dry a$$ comment," the person wrote. Another comment, meanwhile, read, "Imagine being this pressed because somebody gay... a stranger that you'd never breathe the same air with at that."

Niecy and Jessica tied the knot in August before they recited their wedding vows in the latter's music video for her new single "Catch Me" which was released earlier this month. The 50-year-old "Scream Queens" actress said, "I promise to always love you and to always choose you. You are a testament to the magic that happens when your heart is opened. I will meet you there, wherever there is. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Jessica added, "I've watched you pour into so many people, but now you've got somebody to pour into you. I'm going to pour into you. You deserve nothing but happiness. Love you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

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