Jaguar Wright Claims Mary J. Blige Is a Closeted Lesbian

The member of the Okayplayer collective rants against the 'Mighty River' singer as she launches a versus battle against her, calling the Grammy-winning artist a 'fraud.'

AceShowbiz - Jaguar Wright isn't done attacking her fellow artists. Having recently extended an apology to Tiffany Haddish after accusing the comedian's boyfriend Common of sexual assault, she's now shifting her target to Mary J. Blige.

On Wednesday, September 23, the Philadelphia-born singer went on a rant on Instagram against the Grammy-winning artist. Accusing Mary of being a "fraud" who allegedly fakes her marriage to Martin "Kendu" Isaacs, she suggested that the "Be Without You" hitmaker is a closeted lesbian.

"freedom of speech is what this country is built on! Speak your mind! Just know that [tape] my friend has of @therealmaryjblige eating her out is real!" she wrote in reply to a user's comment. "That b***h is a whole fraud! And her whole marriage to @kendu_isaacs was arranged! Maybe @therealmaryjblige girlfriend liked her husband better?! Who knows! I told y'all ... I got tapes on everyone!"

Jaguar shared a screenshot of her comment on her page and wrote in the caption, "Like I Said ... I have tapes on er'body! I was a smut dealer for many years until I returned to #christ .. but .. leverage is leverage and revenge is a dish best served cold!"

It's not clear what prompted Jaguar's anger toward Mary, but hours earlier she launched a versus challenged against Mary. "Am officially declaring that I'll do a vs challenge with the one and only #MARYJBLIGE .. I'll sing you to sleep! On my deceased son I'll sing dat a** into a long nap!" she wrote in her post.

She got fired up in a video that she posted later in the same day. "I know ... What I'm doing is making people uncomfortable. I know that," she began saying. "But the truth is why are they uncomfortable? If I'm not lying, then why are they uncomfortable with the truth? If I am lying, then why they haven't sued me?"

"But when you start calling me a crackhead when you smoke crack and everybody know it, ...I''m done," she continued, before calling names, "I think you're about to ruin [your life] Mary J. Blige. Just accept the challenge. ... We can just jump in front of the mic. That's all I need. One mic. I'll do it a cappella if you want, make it easy for you."

She added in the caption, "Accept the challenge! Who knows .. might be a good singing day for you! Let's see who the queen really is! Unplugged.. you had no idea what I am! But now that you know ... you can better prepare! We both know you won't willingly Accept this challenge. But, your handlers might insist for you to do this! You know you still got to pay @kendu_isaacs .. Come to my skool! I'll teach you! #jagvsmary."

Jaguar has surprised people with her shocking bombshells on fellow celebrities. Back in August, she claimed that Common tried to force her to perform oral sex on him while she was sleeping. She later apologized to Tiffany Haddish, whom Common is currently dating, for causing distress with her allegations.

"I began to look through your page and I just wanted to say I'm sorry if anything that I've done caused you distress," she said earlier this week without retracting her allegations against the comedian's boyfriend. "And you look fabulous in that suit ... rockin it .. keep on being amazing be well God-bless you #sheready?"

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