Jaguar Wright Dubs Alicia Keys Cheater and Homewrecker, Threatens to Beat Her Up

During a Twitter livestream, the 'Self Love' singer claims the 'Girl on Fire' hitmaker is trying to hide gay sexuality by 'stealing a woman's husband and separate a family.'

AceShowbiz - Jaguar Wright is back at it again. Following Common and Mary J. Blige, the "Free" singer has set Alicia Keys as her next target. Holding a livestream on Wednesday, September 30, Jaguar did not hold back in attacking the Grammy winner as she hurled multiple insults at Alicia and accused her of cheating.

During the stream on Twitter, Jaguar began by calling her fellow singer "goofy a** b***h" who ran around stealing other people's husbands. Later on, she mentioned a man named Antonio Gordon, who apparently used to date both Alicia and Jaguar in the past. "He was so afraid to get involved with another artist because of you," the "Self Love" singer added, detailing what happened between Antonio and Alicia.

According to Jaguar, Alicia gave him a key to her apartment in New York so he decided to go there and surprised her. However, what he found at the time was something he didn't expect as she said, "He found you f***ing somebody else when you was supposed to be his girlfriend you f***ing b***h." Because of that, Antonio allegedly decided to leave the key and went back to his hometown without telling Alicia he was in New York to meet her.

Elsewhere during the stream, Jaguar mentioned that Alicia is actually gay and is trying hard to hide her sexuality by "stealing a woman's husband and separate a family, and throw a couple amount of keys on it pretending like nobody f***ing exists."

Jaguar clearly had issues with Alicia because she then threatened to beat her up, telling her to pull up to Texas to fight. "I'll be right there, dressed very much like I'm just right now in my workout clothes," she said while driving. "You wanna know why? Because I'll be comin to work your muthaf**kin' a** out b****h."

Alicia has yet to respond to the allegations.

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