Jaguar Wright Apologizes to Tiffany Haddish Over 'Distress' After Accusing Common of Sexual Assault

'I just want to say to Tiffany Haddish, I got all of the respect in the world for you,' the Philadelphia singer, who previously claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Common, says in a new video.

AceShowbiz - Januar Wright has issued a public apology to Tiffany Haddish after she accused Common, whom Tiffany is currently dating, of sexually assaulting her in the past. In a video she shared on her Instagram account on Tuesday, September 22, Jaguar delivered her "most humble and sincerest apologies" to the actress/comedian.

"There's one person that I have not addressed directly," Jaguar said in her clip. "And the truth is because I have a lot of respect for her. I think that she is a wonderful comedian. I think she's a great philanthropist."

She went on to say, "I just got off of her page and I just scrolled through like a month or two. I was just curious to see if everything going on in hip hop and neo-soul was affecting her in any way because I know that she’s in a relationship with, unfortunately, someone who became a target of my investigation. I just want to say to Tiffany Haddish, I got all of the respect in the world for you."

Noting that they have "a mutual person in common, Luenell Campbell," Jaguar continued, "Luenell has always spoken highly of you and there's not much Luenell can say to me that I don’t take as Bible. So I just wanted to apologize, for real, for real, if anything that I have done has caused you distress."

Captioning the video, the singer wrote, "I began to look through your page and I just wanted to say I'm sorry if anything that I've done caused you distress. And you look fabulous in that suit … rockin it .. keep on being amazing be well God-bless you #sheready?"

Back in August, Jaguar claimed during an Instagram Live session that Common sexually assaulted her while she was asleep. "This n***a tryin' to stick his d**k in my mouth while I'm sleep," she said of the Chicago rapper. "Lonnie f**kin' Lynn. Rashid. Common. Whatever the f**k you wanna call yourself," she ranted, referring to his birth name Lonnie Corant Jaman Shuka Rashid Lynn Jr.

"That's why I stopped f**kin' with him," Jaguar said, insinuating that she and Common were in a romantic relationship at the time. She explained, "Because n***a, if you gon' try to stick your d**k in my mouth while I'm sleep, there ain't nothin' you won't do."

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