Cynthia Bailey on Sex Life With Fiancee Mike Hill During Quarantine: 'It Really Sucks'

In an interview, the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' star says of her quarantine life with Mike Hill and their kids, 'You know how horrible that is to have like quiet, secret sex all the time?'

AceShowbiz - Cynthia Bailey can now breathe a sigh of relief now that her daughter and Mike Hill's children are no longer living with them due to the pandemic. During her appearance on "Getting Real with the Housewives" podcast, the reality TV star opened up about how hard it was for the couple to have sex when their children were all home.

"Quarantine in a house with all your kids, can you imagine trying to have sex with your man?" so "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star said during the Us Weekly podcast. "You know how horrible that is to have like quiet, secret sex all the time? It's like they know it's happening, but you can't, like, be loud. It sucks. It really sucks." She then added that she "was constantly doing the walk of shame in our house."

Fortunately for the couple, they have now moved to her home in Georgia away from their kids. Thus, the pair can have quality time for themselves. "We're here, we're free. At Lake Bailey, the only people that can hear us now are the deer and the rabbits and squirrels and the ducks," she said. "Sex is great now."

Cynthia and Mike have been in a relationship for around two years and got engaged last year during the grand opening of her wine stellar. Despite the pandemic, the couple still plans to tie the knot on October 10 unless the social-distancing period is prolonged. "Deposits have been made, that day's still on. But I don't know if we're going to be able to keep it," the star previously said in an interview. "We just have to see how long they’re going to extend this thing. Right now, it's still on."

Prior to dating Mike, Cynthia was married to Peter Thomas. They got married in 2010 before splitting seven years later.

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