Brandy: Unrequited Love Got Me Addicted to Being Asleep

Enjoying a new phase in her career after releasing her first album in eight years, 'The Boy Is Mine' hitmaker opens up about a particularly tough time in her personal life.

AceShowbiz - R&B star Brandy has further hinted at a private battle with substance abuse after confessing she was "addicted" to sleep as she struggled to overcome a broken heart.

"The Boy Is Mine" hitmaker is currently enjoying a new phase in her career following the recent release of "B7", her first album in eight years, and on the track "Lucid Dreams", the lyrics point to a particularly tough time in her personal life.

"Got demons to tame (illusions)/ Maybe it's a daze/ Got worse over time/ I was always high," she sings.

And in a new interview with The Associated Press, Brandy explains a bad romantic situation led her into a downward spiral.

"I wasn't with the person that I wanted to be with, so I was with this person when I fell asleep," she shares. "And so, I was addicted to being asleep, and that was just not a healthy place for me. That was a scary time. And I had to face a lot of things about myself that I never thought I could."

The 41-year-old previously admitted her struggle to deal with feelings of unrequited love inspired a number of songs on "B7", including the single "Borderline", the video for which features Brandy locked in a padded room, wearing a straitjacket.

"I loved someone that was not available to be loved by me, and so that drove me crazy," she told the New York Post about the track earlier this month.

"I wanted to use my music as a way to start more conversations about mental health and how that's something that we all need to work on every day."

She added of her time away from the spotlight, "I've been through a lot in those eight years - a lot of heartbreak, a lot of pain, a lot of ups and downs with love, trauma, mental health. Everything you could think about, I went through."

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