NBA YoungBoy Lashes Out at His Baby Mama, Pulls a Gun on Trolls Mocking His Son

The Baton Rogue rapper's fans believe his anger is fueled by a feud with one of his baby mamas, who allegedly lied to him about him being the father of her child.

AceShowbiz - NBA YoungBoy a.k.a. YoungBoy Never Broke Again continues to puzzle his fans and followers with his social media posts. After sparking concern with his recent tweets, the rapper has now channeled his anger via his Instagram post.

On Thursday, August 27, the 20-year-old rapper wrote on his Instagram Stories, "Hope you die & the b***h made you. 'All you h**s.' " In another cryptic post, he gave away more hints at to whom his message was addressed as he wrote, "Do we need another DNA test ?? B***h you just lied like that."

"You been getting over on me since I was a child you don't know what loyalty is," the "Outside Today" spitter went on lashing out at the person in question. "You don't know what loyalty is. You one of the biggest h**s I know you ain't never had me."

YoungBoy's claim that the person has been hurting him since he was a kid prompted an Instagram user to ask if he was talking about his mother. However, many disagreed and believe that he was ranting about one of his baby mamas instead.

"his baby mama that was rapin him, she older than him and been sleeping with him since he was a child," one person responded to the question. Another named the BM that YoungBoy was possibly talking about, "Starr weird. She got 3 kids by 3 different fathers. She a joke fr." Another had different information about the said baby mama, claiming, "she had 2 kids and 1 wasn't his she lied."

Prior to this, YoungBoy has confirmed the number of his children. "Aye look, I got four little boys, right?" he said during an Instagram Live last month. "Matter fact one of they birthday today. I got four little boys and I got one daughter; her name is Armani. I got one daughter on the way, though. I got one daughter that was born. Y'all gotta stop that weird s**t."

His alleged drama with his baby mama aside, YoungBoy has sparked criticism about his parenting skills after he pulled a gun in front of his son. During his Instagram Live on Thursday, the Baton Rogue rapper seemed to be in a good mood as he was goofing around with someone off the camera. His son then showed up on the frame and appeared to slip on something.

While the boy seemed to be okay and was able to get up on his own, YoungBoy was left fuming after reading the comments which were apparently aimed at his son. He then pulled out his gun and pointed it to the camera while his son still stood in front of him.

His action left people baffled, with one calling for child service, "He pulled out a gun in front of his kids? Someone call ACS. Please!!" Another noted how dangerous the situation could have been, "Big Lesson: A father simply being present, isn't enough....especially when you're pulling out guns and high asf around your kids."

Another blasted the rapper, "This is so not cute . Sick af." Someone else added, "You have to laugh to keep from crying. This clip makes me sad..."

Surprisingly, some people supported YoungBoy's action in the video. "he's cool as hell i know he's a great dad," one fan praised the "Valuable Pain" rhymer. Another said he/she would do the same, writing, "Me as a parent."

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