Diddy's Son King Combs Trashed After Bragging About Getting His Nails Done in Recording Studio

The 26-year-old aspiring rapper is dragged online after claiming he's the first rapper to get mani and pedi in the recording studio while people barely know his song.

AceShowbiz - Christian Combs a.k.a. King Combs remains unfazed by his father's legal issues. After he was briefly detained during the raid at one of his father's houses, the son of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs flexed his boujee lifestyle on social media.

The aspiring rapper took to his Instagram Story on Tuesday, April 23 to film himself as he's getting his nails done in a recording studio. He briefly showed another man working in the studio, which had neon lamp that read "love" on the wall, while he's getting himself pampered by a manicurist.

The 26-year-old then bragged about being the first rapper who got mani and pedi in the recording studio. "I know I'm definitely the first one to do this though," he claimed, before declaring, "First to do it!" He added "cantstopwontstop" in the caption and several emojis over the clip.

After it was reposted on other Instagram accounts, many trolled King over his unnecessary flexing while people barely know him as a rapper. "he's a rapper?" one person asked. A second troll remarked, "Barely a rapper."

Confused, another asked, "Wait he raps?? Ain't no way he's known as a rapper I ain't heard one song by him." Someone else argued, "I feel like you gotta have a few hits to be calling yourself a rapper."

Some users believe that Soulja Boy had done it before. "Lies!! #SouljaBoy did it first," one of them claimed, while someone else simply mocked King over his "Lame" post.

King and his brother Justin Combs were at their father's home in Miami when it was raided by the Department of Homeland Security as part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation in late March. Officers allegedly pointed lasers at Justin's chest and a gun at Christian's head during their search, prompting their mother Misa Hylton to slam the use of "excessive force" against her sons.

A few days later, King is named in a lawsuit filed by Grace O'Marcaigh, who was working as a steward on a yacht she claims Diddy chartered for a family excursion a few days before New Year's Eve in 2022. She accused King, who was 24 years old at the time, of groping her and forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

Recently, King was seen together with his father for the first time since the home raids. The duo looked tense as they were sitting poolside at Diddy's Star Island mansion in Miami earlier this month. They appeared to have engaged in a serious conversation while sitting on a couch.

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