Indya Moore and Angelica Ross React to 'Pose' Emmy Snubs

Angelica reacts to her being snubbed by the Television Academy in an emotional video on Instagram, though she tells her followers that her tears are 'not about an award or nominees.'

AceShowbiz - The 2020 Emmy Awards had announced its nominations on Tuesday, July 27 and fans noticed that some favorites were missing from the list. Among them were "Pose" trans cast members Indya Moore and Angelica Ross. Both actors unsurprisingly felt some type of way regarding the snubs, prompting them to address the matter on social media.

Indya, who play Angel on the awards-winning series, expressed their disappointment on their Twitter account. "I cNt tell nobody I deserve their sht. I didn't invent the academy or any of the award shows. If they think my work is unworthy Chile that's just that," so they wrote on Tuesday.

Seemingly insinuating that they don't need validation from cis people, Indya continued in a separate post, "Imagine if we depended on cis ppl to validate anything about us."

Gushing over the show's production team, they added, "Fam, ' We ' came a long way. Ever grateful @MrRPMurphy pushing us thru. Ya'll look what @StevenCanals, a black puerto Rican from the Bronx did gurl. He said our culture is a sensation and he gagged the whole earth and wrote Pose."

Indya Moore react to Emmy snub

Indya Moore ranted on Twitter following Emmy snub.

Meanwhile, Angelica reacted to her being snubbed by the Television Academy in an emotional video on Instagram. Although she shed tears, Angelica told her followers that her tears were "not about an award or nominees." Instead, it was more about a bigger issue.

"Ultimately, I need you to understand that I am so tired," she shared. "Because those of you that know me know that I'm not just working in front of the screen or behind the lens or whatever. I'm working around the clock to get our society to value trans lives and Black trans lives. And listen, I feel what I feel because I feel like there is nothing we can do."

Indya and Angelica are not the only high-profiles that are omitted in this year's nominations. Also being shut out are Larry David, Elisabeth Moss, Bob Odenkirk and Reese Witherspoon among others.

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