Janet Mock Rants Against Hollywood at 'Pose' Premiere After Only Getting Paid $40,000 Per Episode

During her speech, the producer and director of the show also apologizes to boyfriend Angel Bismark Curiel as she admits to having cheated on him during the show's production.

AceShowbiz - Janet Mock has finally let things get off her chest at the "Pose" premiere. When delivering a speech at the event, the executive producer and director of the FX drama could not help but rant against Hollywood after claiming to have only gotten paid $40,000 per episode.

"F**k Hollywood," the 38-year-old began her fiercy speech at the Thursday, April 29 event, per The Daily Beast. "This makes you uncomfortable? It should. It should make you f**king shake in your motherf**king boots. This is speaking the truth. This is what 'Pose' is."

"Why am I making $40,000 a motherf**king episode? Huh? Do you know who the f**k I am? Do you know what I f**king mean? Huh? I am angry," the transgender rights activist continued stressing. "This is truth. This is motherf**king truth."

Janet went on to apologize to fellow executive producer Our Lady J by saying, "I tried to shrink you to make myself bigger. Why couldn't I just love you?" She then added, "I f**ked up, y'all. I forgot who the f**k I was. They want me to come up here and pretend... I don't need Hollywood, honey. You know why? Cuz I'm f**king free."

Elsewhere in her speech, Janet also apologized to boyfriend Angel Bismark Curiel as she admitted to having cheated on him during the show's production. "Let me tell you something about love," she said, according to Page Six. "Today, I was gonna let [Angel] go. I was gonna let you go, right, but what did I do? I f**ked someone on the crew, right?"

"Angel, Angel. I'm not losing you. You hear me? You are f**king important to me. I don't want to live in a house alone. I want you. You motherf**ker. Right there. That's who I want," she continued. "I'm getting what's mine."

After giving some inspirational words for cast members such as Indya Moore, Dominique Jackson and MJ Rodriguez, Janet further expressed her anger to the industry. "It's a show, but it means so much to everyone to 'ensure that we enable black and brown trans women to make it' because that sounds good," she said sarcastically. "It makes you comfortable to talk like that because then I don't scare you into facing the f**king truth. You all have stomped on us."

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