Jeff Bezos' Ex-Wife to Keep Giving Away Her Wealth After $1.7B Donation

Mackenzie Scott says that she and her team selected the organizations based on 'a deep belief in the value different backgrounds bring to problem-solving on any issue.'

AceShowbiz - Mackenzie Scott has given away a portion of her wealth to various charities. The ex-wife of Jeff Bezos announced on Tuesday, July 28 that she had donated $1.7 billion and vowed to keep handing away more than half of her fortune to charities and philanthropic causes over her lifetime.

In a blog post shared on Medium, Mackenzie admitted that she didn't plan to bring her donation to light at first. However, considering the global turmoil in the first half of 2020, the novelist wanted to call attention to "organizations and leaders driving change." She said in her post, "Opportunities that flowed from the mere chance of skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or zip code may have yielded resources that can be powerful levers for change."

"People troubled by recent events can make new connections between privileges they've enjoyed and benefits they've taken for granted," she continued. "From there, many will choose to share some of what they have with people whose equal participation is essential to the construction of a better world."

Mackenzie went on listing all the organizations that she gave her money to, specifically pointing out the fact that most of the organizations are run by people of color, LGBTQ+ leaders and women. She added, "Driven by a deep belief in the value different backgrounds bring to problem-solving on any issue, we selected for diversity in leadership across all categories of giving, supporting vital variety of perspective and experience in solutions on every cause."

Following her divorce from Jeff last year, Mackenzie received a 4% stake of his Amazon company and that made her become the second richest-woman in the world with a fortune more than $62 billion. In addition to that, she has restored her maiden name and no longer goes by Mackenzie Bezos.

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