Jeezy Says He Needs 'Mafia Backroom Conversations' to End Beef With Gucci Mane

In the latest episode of T.I.'s 'ExpediTiously' podcast series, the 'Soul Survivor' rapper also reveals that he and his longtime nemesis almost ended their beef in the past.

AceShowbiz - Despite being the biggest artists in trap music, Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy don't have the best relationship at all and everyone knows it. However, the latter is apparently ready to put the past behind him and end their longstanding feud even if it's going to be difficult.

In the latest episode of T.I.'s "ExpediTiously" podcast series, the host and Jeezy brought up the topic as the "No Mediocre" hitmaker pointed out that such a move would be "the best case scenario" for trap music. "There's a third member of the Mount Rushmore of Trap Music, that neither one of us care to mention or speak to that much. Now, what do you think is necessary to bring that s**t together, if anything?" Tip said.

He continued, "And I understand we're dealing with somebody who's temperamental themselves, and our s**t we got with us vs. their s**t they got with them makes it extremely problematic."

In response to Tip's question, Jeezy considered for a moment before saying, "I just think it gotta be one of them mafia backroom conversations." The "Soul Survivor" rapper then went on comparing their rivalry to that of businessmen who went to Harvard and Yale but still came together for the good of all.

He then added that he actually nearly ended their beef in the past. "To keep it all the way honest, me and bro done sat in a room and had a real conversation," Jeezy recalled. "In a sushi joint. It was close. I can't lie, it was close, but he got locked up around that time and communication went dark. Im'a keep it a buck, it was close. It was real close."

Feud between Jeezy and Gucci went back to 2005 when the two first collaborated on "Icy". Jeezy believed the song would be featured on his debut album, but instead it was included on Gucci's first independent album. To make matters worse, Jeezy later claimed that he did not get paid for the song and put a bounty on Gucci's head via a song.

However, that apparently turned into a reality because four men who were believed to be the 42-year-old's associate broke into Gucci's house and assaulted him. When the men threatened to shoot him, Gucci grabbed his pistol and started shooting. After hitting one man, who ended up dead, everyone fled the scene. Gucci turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued and was charged with murder.

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