Terry Crews' 'Defund Pornhub' Tweet Sparks Controversy

In response to the tweet, some people applaud the 'America's Got Talent' host, while some others remind him that while 'porn industry is rly a problem,' the problem is not the porn itself.

AceShowbiz - Terry Crews has been making headlines for the past few weeks with his views on Black Lives Matter movement. Now, the "America's Got Talent" host once again sparks debate after he took to his Twitter account to slam Pornhub.

Making public that he's against the infamous porn site, Terry wrote on Tuesday, July 14, "DEFUND PORNHUB." He also tagged the official account of anti-pornography nonprofit organization Fight the New Drug.

The tweet quickly gained various responses from his followers on the blue bird app. Some people applauded the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star for the tweet as one of them wrote, "Thank you Terry Crews for calling out Pornhub and for putting vulnerable, trafficked, raped and assaulted women and children's rights above those people who desire to masturbate to free, downloadable videos of real sexual abuse. SHUT IT DOWN."

However, some others thought that the problem is not the porn itself. "Porn industry is rly a problem, but Idk if porn itself is. Still, I think the problem is how superficial and fluid our relations bcame," one person said. "Ppl r depressed and anxious more than ever. The problem isn't porn itself, but our current way of living, which leads to It as a relief valve."

Another person added, "Terry Crews could have gone after Pornhub for hosting child porn and other rape tapes despite people having tried to get them taken down. But no, he decided to go after them because 'porn is evil.' " Meanwhile, one user reminded Terry that "there are far worse things than porn to worry about. Mind your business and don't worry about what other adults do in their free time and take care of yourself."

Terry has yet to respond to the backlash.

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