Fans Not Satisfied With Pop Smoke's New Album Cover Art

Despite the cover, 'Shoot For The Stars, Aim for the Moon' successfully made fans emotional as one fan admits to 'crying and vibin at the same time' while listening to the rapper's posthumous album.

AceShowbiz - Pop Smoke's posthumous album "Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon" was finally released on Friday, July 3. While fans raved about the music on the most-awaited album, they cursed the newly design cover art, which previously drew controversy.

The head of Pop's label Victor Victor Worldwide, Steven Victor, previously promised a change when fans criticized a botched Virgil Abloh design. Now, the final image featured a metallic rose with an all-black backdrop. Meanwhile, the parental advisory sticker was placed neatly at the bottom.

Although Steven heard fans' outcry to replace Virgil's initial design, the new one wasn't enough to satisfy them. "people worked hard for GOOD COVERS and ya put this, smh," one of them complained. Echoing the sentiment, one other added, "Out of all the raw covers I seen and they pick this."

"after all those fan edits, controversial comments, and demands....THIS?!?" a frustrated fan commented. Meanwhile, someone noted that the new cover showed "no effort" but s/he would still listen to the album regardless.

People previously called out Virgil for his "lack of creativity" in making the cover art, with one commenting, "Wow look like the fair spray paint shirts. Issa a no. RIP Pop Smoke." Another slammed the famed designer, "Virgil doesn't keep anything 100. This is a 50%. Resubmit it for full credit, sir."

An online petition was later launched against the Louis Vuitton designer as fans demanded a change on the album's artwork, with the petition creator writing, "Virgil deada** was wild lazy with Pop Smokes Album cover and he needs to fix it." One person who signed the petition shared, "I'm signing because this n***a Virgil is an artistic terrorist." Another chimed in, "Never let this n***a touch a computer ever again."

Back to the album, it successfully made fans emotional despite the cover. "Me listening to Pop Smoke realizing that this is it, they killed another legend, and we’ll never get a chance to see him perform these songs," a fan mourned over the rising rapper who was shot to death in February.

Another fan added, "Popsmoke's album has me vibing and emotional at the same time." Someone also tweeted, "Pop smoke this album would have put you on top. You were just getting the clout u deserved. Gone too soon we love and miss you woo," with one other admitting to "crying & vibin at the same time" while listening to the album.

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