Phaedra Parks Says BF Medina Islam Is 'Totally Against' Getting Intimate
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In the premiere of new season of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition', the 'RHOA' alum and her actor boo leaves fellow cast members stunned with the revelation that they had never sex.

AceShowbiz - New season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition" featuring Phaedra Parks and her actor boyfriend Medina Islam premiered on Thursday, July 2. In the episode, the couple left fellow cast members stunned with the revelation that they had never sex.

"Well, it's a decision I made [myself]," Phaedra revealed in a new interview with "Medina was definitely totally against it, but for myself, I needed to know him in an intimate way outside of a physically intimate way because prior to Medina I dated a guy in Chicago."

She went on saying, "And that was a long distance relationship and it was very passionate, but when we became physical, it hindered us getting to know each other intimately on any other level."

"And so I wanted to make sure that this time [that] I wasn’t blinded by the passion and that I really knew who Medina was as a person," the former "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star continued. "Because that can sometimes change your thoughts about a man in a good way and in bad way. I wanted to know that I was not rushing into a physical relationship in this scenario. He was obviously totally against it, but I had to do what was best for me.

She added, "In my opinion, of course, we're bi-coastal. And unlike a lot of women out there, I have a lot of masculine traits because I work in very male dominated fields. Being a lawyer with mostly men, in the funeral business it's mostly men, and so in working with men all the time I think that some of the traits that guys, generally have and I think that can sometimes be hard for me and because they're probably used to women who are a little softer and, you know, a lot different for me. So, communication can be hard for me because I’m constantly working, I'm very type A, and sometimes I'm a hard nut to crack."

Phaedra went public with her relationship with Medina in June 2019. "You know, he used to be on a show here so we have a lot of mutual friends. One of my best friends is one of his best friends as well," the ex-wife of Apollo Nida shared at the time.

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