D.L. Hughley Calls Himself 'Regular Typhoid Mary' for Infecting Son and Radio Team With COVID-19

The comedian believes he has unknowingly passed on the virus to his son and co-workers as everyone he came in contact with have tested positive for coronavirus.

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley may have spread coronavirus to his son and radio co-workers following his COVID-19 diagnosis. The comedian shares his regret that he might have unknowingly passed on the virus to people around him, weeks after he tested positive for the illness last month.

In a new interview with TMZ, the radio host gave an update on his condition while revealing where he thinks he picked up the coronavirus. He believes that he might have contracted the virus while he was in Dallas in June, before he returned to do his radio show.

"What happened was, I had been in Dallas. A week before, I had done a bunch of shows in Dallas, which is interesting...," he said of his trip to Dallas, before he passed out at a Nashville comedy club. "I knew that if I wanted to perform I had to go to a state where the government of that state didn't give a damn about their people."

"I got back... and I'd gone to, you know, do the radio show," the 57-year-old went on recounting. "And then I did the TV show on Wednesday and then I flew out to the thing in Nashville. Everybody who I came in contact with that Tuesday at the radio show tested positive. Everybody. My son, my co-host (Jasmine Sanders)."

Fortunately, his daughter who "wore a mask the whole time," didn't test positive. Feeling "horrible" that he may have passed on the virus not knowing he was positive and "jeopardized so many people," he called himself a "regular Typhoid Mary."

Hughley himself has been recovering smoothly. "I'm in my last days of quarantine... I'd been dehydrated, obviously I'd been exhausted. So the COVID kinda just put everything in hyperdrive," he shared, before adding, "I didn't have any symptoms as a matter of fact. No fever, no cough, no trouble breathing."

Learning from his experience, the former "The Hughleys" star urged everyone to take the precautions seriously. "Everybody needs to get tested and everybody needs to wear a mask," he implored.

Hughley tested positive for coronavirus last month after he collapsed on stage while performing at Zanie's comedy club on June 19. Following his diagnosis, he told his Instagram followers that he was going to quarantine in a hotel room for 14 days.

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