Video: JWoww's Son Greyson Makes Her Shocked by Flipping the Bird

This happens during the mother-and-son duo's photoshoot session together, where the 3-year-old boy innocently shows his middle finger instead of his thumb.

AceShowbiz - Jennie "JWoww" Farley surely didn't see it coming. The "Jersey Shore" star recently did a photoshoot with her son, Greyson Mathews, only to be shocked by what the little boy did in front of the camera.

In a video that she recently uploaded on her Instagram page, JWoww and Greyson were posing together when the photographer asked them to give a thumbs up. While the reality TV star did as told, Greyson showed his middle finger instead. This obviously surprised JWoww because the next thing she did was looking away from the camera to hide her laughter.

JWoww wasn't the only one who found this funny. "This made me laugh so hard ! She is such a good mom and had an amazing reaction," a follower commented. "Lil man get that from moms or pops?" another wondered, while someone wrote, "I've watched this about 300 times now and I still laugh."

Greyson is JWoww's son with her ex-husband Roger Mathews, with whom she also shares a daughter named Meilani. Unlike her daughter, Greyson has been diagnosed with autism as JWoww also suspects that her son has an OCD. Last December, she said of Greyson's OCD tendencies, "He cannot continue anything until it's redone the way he wants. Whether it's dressing himself, making his own drinks, or walking a certain way… it has to be 'Greyson do.' "

"It's fine sometimes, but as his mom I have to break him of these habits before it affects him socially," she continued writing. "Every time breaks my heart but I'll never give in. If I give in, he will just up the level next time. One day he will learn and grow up to be an incredible adult. Until then, mama will be right by your side helping your every step. So Greyson, hoping one day you will read this and know Mommy never gave up."

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