Tamar Braxton Stays Calm as Her Fiance Is 'Sad' Following K. Michelle's Defaming Affair Allegations

The 'If I Don't Have You' songstress refuses to waste her time on negative things, while her fiance David Adefeso says his heart is broken to see a black woman tearing another of her own.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton refuses to fan a newly-reignited feud with K. Michelle. The founding member of R&B singing group The Braxtons has responded to her nemesis' allegations that she slept with Jermaine Dupri's married father. But instead of throwing shades at her fellow singer, she decided to take the high road and chose her words wisely.

"I don't really have a lot to say because whenever I talk it always gets misconstrued," she addressed the allegations in a new episode of her YouTube series "Quarantined & Coupled with Tamar Braxton and David Adefeso". She continued, "If I ignore something, it gets confused. If I make something funny, it gets taken the wrong way. I don't really want to speak about anything in particular."

Seemingly unbothered by the claims, the 43-year-old claimed, "Guys, I'm in a different place in my life. I don't want to be apart of any kind of negativity." She added, "Listen, being a black person, outside of being a black mother to a black son, and the anxiety that goes along with that. Just trying to make it in this environment. Being professional, not having the stereotype of the angry black woman." She repeated her statement, "The last thing I am going to waste my time with is giving negative energy, energy."

While Tamar remains calm, her fiance David Adefeso couldn't hide the fact that he was being emotional upon learning of the defaming allegations against his lady love. "What I saw this morning made me sad because I saw one strong black woman, [a] strong good-looking black woman, tear another strong, good-looking black woman down and it broke my heart," he said on the show.

He went on explaining, "What makes me sad is Tamar now gotta defend herself against something which is false. Against something which was concoted. Against something which was meant to defame her character. As her man, it broke my heart."

Tamar and David made the statements in response to K. Michelle's claims that the "If I Don't Have You" hitmaker had an affair with Jermaine Dupri's music executive father Michael Mauldin. "It's best that I don't pull it out...it's best that I don't pull out this mouth, 'cause when I start talkin'- like, you can't go around talkin' 'bout nobody when you was sleepin' with a married man! You was sleepin' with Jermaine Dupri daddy! How you sleep with Jermaine Dupri daddy and get yo’ a** beat by Jermaine Dupri momma in a elevator?" so the former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star said in a video rant after Tamar wouldn't answer a question about whether she would do a Verzuz battle with K. Michelle.

The "Love 'Em All" songstress continued alleging, "I don't f**k with married men! Hmm. But you so holy...rice and beans and cabbage. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Tellin' the truth. I ain't never lied. Got drug up off that elevator. Whoop! Whoop! You know who you are! Whoop! Next!"

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