Halsey 'Shot, Gassed, Antagonized' During Protest

The 'Without Me' singer claims cops attacked her and the other protesters unprovoked during the 'Back Lives Matter' protest against police brutality in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - Halsey has slammed reports suggesting she was arrested during the violent Los Angeles Black Lives Matter clashes between police and protesters on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

The "Without Me" singer took to Twitter on Saturday night to assure fans and followers she was "safe" as city Mayor Eric Garcetti called for an overnight curfew to keep people off the streets.

"I WAS NOT ARRESTED. Im safe," Halsey tweeted, explaining that she helped other activists find shelter from riot police, adding, "Myself + many of my peers were shot, gassed + antagonized. The frontline was calm + did not provoke. BUT MANY ARE NOT SAFE + MANY ARE IN CUSTODY."

She went on to call on fans to "DONATE TO BAIL ORGS!!!" adding, "I AM CURRENTLY."

Halsey returned to Twitter minutes later and added, "I wanted you to know I was SAFE because information was out of control. But I will NOT be updating any more personal information!!! I WILL ONLY BE DOCUMENTING AND POSTING MY RECORD OF THE STATUS OF THE ASSEMBLY. Thousands of you witnessed them fire on us unprovoked. Be safe."

Halsey and her on-off boyfriend, British rocker Yungblud, were spotted with friends during the protests on Saturday afternoon.

Many demonstrations across the U.S., sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of cops in Minneapolis last week, May 25, 2020, turned violent on Thursday night and the hostility has continued over the weekend, with tensions prompting nationwide curfews.

Halsey wasn't the only celebrity caught up in the Los Angeles protests - Paris Jackson and Emily Ratajkowski also took part and actor Kendrick Sampson shared hard-hitting videos from the streets on Instagram.

"I have it on video, they (police officers) literally just started shooting canisters into peaceful protesters," Kendrick said in one clip. "These motherf**kers started this s**t. These motherf**kers right here. They started this s**t... They are the aggressors."

Footage of the "Insecure" star being hit by a baton-wielding policeman was also caught on camera as Kendrick screamed, "Don't f**king hit me!"

He then turned the camera on himself and added, "They started hurting people. Y'all saw this motherf**ker hit me... with a baton, I'm unarmed. Then they started attacking girls. I have it on all on video."

"I was sitting there filming peacefully and he (police officer) targeted me out of everybody. He started hitting me cause I was recording? I ain't being violent. I don't condone violence."

The African-American actor also recorded footage of a police car being sprayed with paint, adding, "None of these police cars were touched until they started hurting people."

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