Ricky Martin Plans to Provide Mental Health Support to Deal With Coronavirus Aftershocks

The 'Nobody Wants to Be Lonely' singer is working on the initiative through his Ricky Martin Foundation, which has been providing PPE to healthcare workers in hospitals during the pandemic.

AceShowbiz - Ricky Martin's non-profit is planning to help people during the "aftershocks" of the coronavirus crisis with a series of "mental health and education" programmes.

The "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely" star has been working with his Ricky Martin Foundation to give personal protective equipment (PPE) to healthcare workers in hospitals during the ongoing pandemic.

"It is important. We have to, we have to do this," the singer told Entertainment Tonight. "I was able with my foundation and an alliance with Charity Stars and Project Hope, we delivered PPEs to 50 hospitals in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the United States. And this is only the beginning."

Ricky continued, "I think now more than ever is when the victims need our help, because the aftershocks of this pandemic are really intense. So we're gonna provide (them) with mental health and education and nothing but love because they deserve it."

In addition to his charitable efforts, the hitmaker is set to begin a joint tour with Enrique Iglesias in September, and he insisted the pair hopes to push forward with the venture, while ensuring audiences and crew are safe.

"We're gonna take our time and we're gonna do it right," he shared. "I'm sure every venue, every country, every city is gonna have their rules and regulations. We will follow them."

"But we will produce something amazing for you guys because there's nothing like the live experience."

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