Azealia Banks Roasted for Claiming to Have Slept With Dave Chappelle and Trying to Ruin His Marriage

Most people doubt the 'Anna Wintour' rapper's claim that she has had sex with the comedian, while others warn her that the 'Chappelle's Show' creator may come for her during his next special.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks has become the butt of the joke after exposing Dave Chappelle's alleged dirty laundry. On Monday, May 25, the raptress posted her Instagram Stories a video in which she made a wild claim that she has had sex with the comedian.

"I have actually f**ked a lot of f**king very powerful f**king men," so the 28-year-old said in the clip. "I should ruin your f**king marriage, I should tell the world we f**ked. What the f**k I'm keeping secrets from y'all n***as for?"

After appearing that she was about to go cryptic for a while, she went on naming names, "Nah, Dave Chappelle can f**k me again." The "212" hitmaker added, "That was some good black d**k. I should tell the world that we f**ked."

Azealia later blasted rapper Dave East for allegedly trying to charge her $25,000 for a feature. She also claimed that she had an affair with actor Adrian Grenier, and claimed that rapper Busta Rhymes is gay.

As to why she shared these stories now, Azealia was apparently upset that she often gets attacked in the media and people don't come to her defense. " 'Cause y'all n***as don't look out for me so what the f**k I'm keeping secrets for y'all n***as for," she lamented.

It didn't take long for social media users to react to Azealia's bizarre claims, particularly one leveled against Dave Chappelle. Knowing her reputation as a problematic star, most of them doubted her story.

"You telling Me Dave Chappelle walked away from 20 Million but didn't walk away from Azealia Banks?" a skeptical user commented. Another mocked the raptress, "hey Azealia, i see you got your clown outfit like you always do." Someone else blasted her, "Omg girl you been gone for a minute please just stay gone."

Some others predicted that Dave would come for her during his next stand-up special. "Dave Chappelle can tell one joke and flip this whole narrative," someone reminded Azealia. Another similarly said, "Mannnn Dave Chappelle is gonna light Azealia Banks' a** UP his next special!!! She thought Wild N' Out was rough??"

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