'Hustlers' Director Unveiled to Have Fired Many Extras Caught Ogling Strippers on the Set

Opening up about her first experience filming post-Harvey Weinstein scandal, actress Mercedes Rueh claims director Lorene Scafaria ruled with an iron hand to respect the actresses.

AceShowbiz - "Hustlers" director Lorene Scafaria fired "a number" of extras on the set of the film for "ogling" the strippers.

Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu starred in the 2019 movie, which told the story of a group of women working at a strip club who drugged and robbed their customers to make money.

Numerous scenes in the film featured the stars wearing scanty ensembles, and several of the extras couldn't resist having a sneaky peek. But director Lorene didn't stand for it, and axed the culprits from the movie.

Mercedes Rueh, who also starred in the film, told News On Media: "Obviously it was a lot of strippers and a lot of T and A and everything, and boy, did she rule with an iron hand. There was nobody on that set who was anything but entirely respectful of all the women. In fact, the more they came out with less clothing on, the less the guys on set would look at them."

"They didn't even want to get caught ogling because there were a number of extras who were fired, whether it was remarks that they made or just ogling the girls. It was my first post-Harvey (Weinstein) experience, and it was really interesting because this young woman kept a tight grasp on respect for the actresses."

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