Louisiana Rapper's Girlfriend Claims 'Self Defense' After Shooting Him on Instagram Live

Bennahhunnaa appears to be shot in the stomach after a short argument and taunting his girlfriend to shoot him in the viral video, but seemingly survives the injury.

AceShowbiz - Rapper Bennahhunnaa might have hurt something more than just his pride after broadcasting his argument with his girlfriend. The popular Louisiana artist has allegedly been shot in the stomach by his girlfriend after the two got into a verbal fight at her argument earlier this week.

Bennahhunnaa recorded the whole incident which he shared on Instagram Live. In the video which has gone viral, he was seen visiting his girlfriend at her apartment, but she repeatedly told him to leave. She apparently had a gun with her, which she hid behind her back.

Benna refused to leave and was confident that the woman wouldn't shoot him. "You ain't gon' do s**t," he said. "You're not gon' pull [the trigger]. You not b***h enough to do it." After a short yelling match, the woman accused Benna of smoking joints laced with PCP.

He continued to taunt her and even threatened to smack her. "You ain't no gangsta. Betcha I'll slap the piss out you," he said. As the girl showed him the doorway, he appeared to make a move towards her and a gunshot was heard.

The woman ran back as the phone with which he took the video fumbled and the screen went black. He was heard yelling, "This girl just shot me!" He writhed on the floor and screamed for help.

But the injury seemingly was not that serious as Benna has taken to his Instagram page to seemingly address the incident. Apparently officially beefing with his girlfriend now, he wrote on Tuesday, April 21, "If you takin up for tht h*e get off my page." He added, "N***a wanna speak on shyt don't even kno the whole story."

It's unclear if this moment was staged for clout or a real thing. According to MTO News, the woman in the video claimed that the shooting was in "self defense." Police are currently investigating the incident.

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