Louis Tomlinson's Baby Mama Slammed for Playing With Fire and Almost Setting Herself Ablaze

Briana Jungwirth nearly lights herself on fire on Instagram Live during the coronavirus lockdown while her friends and viewers are anxiously watching her antics.

AceShowbiz - Louis Tomlinson's baby mama suffered a safety scare during an Instagram Live session on Thursday night, April 9, 2020 after a candle set her sweatshirt alight.

Briana Jungwirth, who shares four-year-old son Freddie with the One Direction star, decided to livestream her antics with a friend while isolating at home, where she had lit a candle in the living room.

However, things turned awry as soon as her pal began talking to viewers as the edge of Briana's cropped sweatshirt caught fire.

Instead of quickly working to put out the flames, Briana tried to show them off to the camera, saying, "You guys, I'm on fire!"

Her friend started freaking out as she attempted to blow out the small blaze, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh! Bria, Bria, Bria!" - but her efforts did little as the fire began spreading, prompting Briana to shake out her top and extinguish the flames.

Insisting she was fine, Briana then said, "I'm good, I'm good, guys. I'm good!"

It's not clear where Freddie was at the time of the incident, but viewers were quick to criticise the mother-of-one for playing with fire in the first place.

Tomlinson has yet to comment on the dangerous display.

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