Stassi Schroeder Says She Needs Breast Lift Due to Self-Quarantine

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star reveals in Instagram Stories that she has been ditching her bra while staying at home for almost a month now because of the global spread of coronavirus.

AceShowbiz - Stassi Schroeder has joked about requiring to go under the knife because of coronavirus. Having been comfortably staying at home to help prevent the spread of the global pandemic for almost a month, the "Vanderpump Rules" star candidly suggested that she will be needing a breast lift.

Taking to her Twitter account on Monday, April 6, the 31-year-old fiancee of Beau Clark shared her struggle with sagging breasts. "I haven't worn a bra in almost a month now. So gonna need another breast lift ASAP," she tweeted.


Stassi Schroeder said she needed breast lift.

Many could immediately relate to Schroeder's problem. One replied to her, "Me neither! The thing I fear most when life goes 'back to normal' is having to wear a bra again!!" A second one confided, "when I was little I used to wish for boobs. 16 Wish granted. Now I wish for free plastic surgery to get rid of the majority of them so I never have to wear a bra again."

One particular Twitter user, on the other hand, pointed out to Schroeder about the benefit of going braless. "The less you wear a bra the better the elasticity becomes in your breast tissue. It's actually BETTER for your boobs. Bras are a social construct MADE BY MEN FOR MEN," the fan shared.

Should the "Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook" author get a breast lift, it wouldn't be her first. In her blog, she has openly admitted that she once got a breast reduction. "I got my boobs when I was like 13 years old and they were DD. And heavy as f**k," she said. Joking that she legit can "hide a family of cats" underneath her boobs, she said she "didn't like it" because "it hurt."

Once she decided to go with the procedure, Schroeder claimed that her life became easier and she gained more confidence. "As far as relationships go, sex is way more fun because I'm more confident, even with the scars," she spilled. "I like sex so much better now. I'm out of my own head and I feel way freer to do what I want."

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