Mother of Iyanna Mayweather's Stabbing Victim Breaks Her Silence on Social Media

In related news, Wendy Williams weighs in on Iyanna's recent arrest on her talk show, saying that the daughter of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. should serve 8 years in jail.

AceShowbiz - Iyanna Mayweather made headlines after she was arrested for stabbing LaPattra Lashai Jacobs, the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend YoungBoy Never Broke Again a.k.a. NBA YoungBoy at the rapper's house. The incident also put LaPattra and her family on spotlight, prompting her mom to address the issue on social media.

Writing on Instagram, she said, "Can y'all hating press as w***e's do me a favor and stop worrying about LaPattra La'shai and s**k her *** and s**k YoungBoy **** and let me see to my child." She went on saying, "Now have a good day and to the people that is truly concern about her well being I'm sorry but enough is enough!!!!!!!!"

In related news, Wendy Williams weighed in on Iyanna's recent arrest in the Tuesday, April 7 episode of her talk show. Sending a message to Yaya's father Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the 55-year-old TV personality said, "Floyd, as a parent, I know, there’s no accounting sometimes for what our kids do. But, the least we can do is plant little seeds of their self worth in them."

"Like, why would the heiress to the throne, at 19, get involved with a 20-year-old man with four kids and 3 babies' moms and this hood mess?"

Wendy added that Iyanna should serve "at least 8" years behind bars. "Because she sent a woman to the hospital for no good reason when that bed could've been sued for a corona[virus] victim," she noted. "See, that's where my mind goes every time… To go to the hospital and take up our valued medical people's time to deal with the slashing of some girl."

Iyanna was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly stabbed one of his baby mamas, LaPattra, during a confrontation at his home in Houston, Texas. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and underwent surgery. Meanwhile, Iyanna was released after posting a $30,000 bond.

She is now ordered to stay at least 1,000 feet away from LaPattra at all times and if she violates the order she could be facing additional jail time. The judge also ordered that Iyanna is not allowed to be in possession of any weapons and is prohibited from drinking alcohol or taking drugs.

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