Offset and Reese Witherspoon Make People Baffled With Joint Instagram Live

During their session, the 'Big Little Lies' actress and the Migos member bond over old cars with the latter asking her to let him buy her dad's 1975 El Dorado.

AceShowbiz - This is surely a combination that you will not often see together. Reese Witherspoon and Offset successfully made a lot of people baffled when they joined forces to hold an Instagram Live session on Monday, April 6 to talk about cars.

As the "Legally Blonde" actress and the Migos member bonded over old cars, Offset found out that her dad has a 1975 El Dorado sitting in his garage. That was when the "Clout" rapper went into business-mode and tried to get the blonde beauty to sell the car to him with an interesting price.

"Tell him let me buy it," he told her. "I'll clean it up. I'll fix it up. Put a new engine in it. New interior. Put some Forgis in it. ...Put it on the road." In response, the "Big Little Lies" star promised to "hook you up," adding, "I'm going to hook you up with my dad."

Since Reese and Offset interacting is not something that you will see everyday, people were naturally baffled and surprised to see the joint session. "What the f**k lmao this is random as hell," someone admitted. Meanwhile, one other was surprised to see the rapper speaking proper English. "I never knew Offset could speak with proper English, wow!"

"No Reese Witherspoon slander will be tolerated... but... this was weird asf lmaooo," another commented, while an individual still couldn't believe it and asked, "Lmaooo how did this even happen." On the other hand, one more person said, "Reese Witherspoon looks like that one High School teacher that everyone loved to hang around and talk to!"

There was also someone who wrote, "Something about this feels really awkward. I can read both their body language and it makes me feel weird lol." Meanwhile, another person jokingly compared them to Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, who have been friends for years.

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