Tracy Morgan Under Fire for Defending Donald Trump in Bizarre Interview

Besides defending POTUS, the comedian jokingly claims that he impregnated his wife three times while in quarantine and that he had his silverback gorilla get tested for COVID-19.

AceShowbiz - Tracy Morgan was forced to deal with backlash on Tuesday morning, April 7 over his recent comment during an Interview on "Today". Discussing the Coronavirus pandemic with host Hoda Kotb, the actor and comedian came to President Donald Trump's defense as more people continued to attack POTUS over the way he's handling the pandemic.

During the interview, Tracy said, "Imagine being a president of the country and half the country got sick. It's difficult for him. We have all got to pull this together. Now is not the time to blame, and all these. ...We all have to stay safe. Nobody wants to transmit it, attract it and get it. Let's stay safe and do the protocol."

People were quick to attack Tracy following the interview. "Tracy Morgan got on the Today Show this morning and defended Trump and now I’m questioning if he was ever funny at all," one said. "Are you kidding me with this?!?? I'll never support another thing @TracyMorgan does. He needs to WAKE THE F**K UP. TRUMP NEEDS HELD ACCOUNTABLE. And he can turn his mask over to healthcare workers. UNBELIEVABLE," someone else wrote.

"Hoda gracefully got through that interview, but I know she was like…," another said along with a GIF of Hoda cringing. "I think I just lost ALL my respect for you. This virus is killing the Black community and you act like Trump's water boy. Really??? You absolutely DISGUST me right now. UGG!" one other commented.

His comment on Trump wasn't the only thing that got him trending on social media. During the same interview, Tracy also joked that he impregnated his wife three times and did a roleplay while in quarantine. Not stopping there, "The Last O.G." star claimed that he brought his silverback Gorilla to New York to get tested for Coronavirus.

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