'LHH: Miami' Reunion: Trina Abruptly Leaves Following Intense Spat With Nikki Natural

Fans think that Trina is a little bit too much with her reaction in the second part of the VH1 reality show's season 3 reunion as one viewer notes, 'she is so pressed over this little girl.'

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" returned with the second part of the reunion season 3. The new episode picked up where things were left in the latest episode, which saw Trina going up to confront Nikki Natural, who filmed in a separate room.

Trina asked them to open the door, yelling, "Open the door!" As they refused to do so, Trina then threatened to leave the filming site. "Film the rest of the show without me, motherf***ers!"

She wasn't playing because she was seen going out of the studio after changing her clothes. "Let me tell you, I'm not playing with bum a** b****es. ... I would drag that b***h on the show, so don't play with me," so she snapped. Nikki, meanwhile, laughed at the mess.

Fellow cast member Bobby Lytes followed her outside, trying to get her back to film. "Let's go! You're not leaving this reunion!" he said outside Trina's car.

Fans, however, thought that Trina was a little bit too much with her reaction. "she is so pressed over this little girl," one fan noted. Meanwhile, someone else said that her absence wouldn't make a big difference. "What is the last hit Trina had? Trina is a Miami Legend but the show will go on without you," the person wrote.

Trina and Nikki were having a verbal fight in last week's episode with Trina accusing Nikki of being disrespectful to her, saying, "Everyone here knows you never see me disrespect nobody."

Trick Daddy chimed in, "If you're a female artist and try to make music in Miami, you can't say nothing negative about Trina because she knows everybody." Later, Trina was asked about her feelings after being "challenged by someone that you just want to help."

Referring to Nikki, Trina replied, "This woman will not be nowhere in my space. I'm not disrespectful. I give a respect to any and everybody that comes up under me. Be honest, you're beneath me, you're always be. Don't ever f***ing get that twisted. ... I would never give any b****es that beneath me a chance to be under me."

Nikki fired back as she asked, "How are you a role model? Look at you. You look like a mess." That only further made Trina mad as she brought Nikki's kids into the conversation, calling them "dirty a** kids."

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