Fiona Apple Abused Drugs, Rude to Parents During Toxic Relationship With 'Boogie Nights' Director

Detailing her past unhealthy romance with Paul Thomas Anderson, the 'Criminal' singer admits that she would go back to the Oscar-nominated filmmaker despite knowing it's 'not a good relationship.'

AceShowbiz - Fiona Apple's past relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson was anything but a good influence to her. The "Criminal" singer has gone candid about her unhealthy romance with the "Boogie Nights" director, revealing in a new interview how she got addicted to drugs and was rude to her parents during their time together.

Featured in an in-depth profile by The New Yorker, the 42-year-old singer recalled meeting the seven-year-older filmmaker when doing a cover shoot for Rolling Stone in 1997. They soon became an "It couple," but she labeled their romance "painful and chaotic." She remembered the two of them doing cocaine and ecstasy together, and her drunk heavily.

The Grammy winner went on to share a particular incident during their relationship when they were rude to her parents. "We both attended that dinner as little fu**ers," she admitted, before noting Paul was worse. When her mother asked him why she acted that way to her parents, he retorted, "Ask yourself. You made her."

Even though she assured Paul never physically hurt her, Fiona did admit that she thought theirs was a toxic one. She revealed that she told herself, "F**k this, this is not a good relationship," after the "Phantom Thread" director threw a chair across a room following an appearance at the 1998 Academy Awards. She also claimed that he often made her look unstable to strangers.

On why she has never spoken bad about the current partner of Maya Rudolph, Fiona confessed she thought it wasn't "classy." She now chose to open up about their past, because she wanted to stop their fans from reminiscing their time together. "It's a secret that keeps us connected," she concluded.

Speaking of how she stopped using cocaine, Fiona blamed it on "one excruciating night" at Quentin Tarantino's house, listening to the acclaimed director and her then-boyfriend brag. Without going into the details, she quipped, "Every addict should just get locked in a private movie theatre with Q.T. and P.T.A. on coke, and they'll never want to do it again."

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