Tiffany Haddish Rants About Being 'Used' - Is She Talking About Common?
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Some social media users speculate that there's a problem between the 'Girls Trip' star and her rumored boyfriend as she's mad at someone she dubs 'a lying peace of s**t.'

AceShowbiz - Tiffany Haddish is not in her best mood lately. The actress is apparently mad at someone and expressed it on Twitter, alleging that the person in question "used" her in her cryptic tweet that she posted on Thursday, March 12.

"After yesterday I realized today is to show All that hated, 'Good' you tried today and I learned that you are a lying peace of s**t & that you never cared about me you used me," she wrote. The comedienne seemed to prepare for a revenge as she warned, "but what you failed to forget about me is I tell IT. Dust off your skeletons! She Ready!"

Tiffany didn't name whom her tweet was directed at and didn't give the context of her statement, prompting someone to ask, "I'm confused who is she talking about?" Another claimed, "She so mad she just type gibberish in the beginning. I cnt understand that ish!"

Some people, meanwhile, speculated that it was about her rumored boyfriend Common. One person reacted on Instagram, "I'm not really sure what she said but I think she talking about common." Another commented, "Damn Common." Someone else worried about the 48-year-old artist, "Common u in trouble boy."

An apparent fan of Common weighed in, "No Common slander will be tolerated."

While it's not clear what Tiffany was talking about, her followers have also tweeted support. "Haters are going to hate but for every hater out there, just know that you have tons of true fans and people that love and support you @TiffanyHaddish ! Hold your head up high and embrace how far you've come! You inspire me so much and I love ya! #inspiredactress You ready!" one person wrote.

Another wrote to the "Night School" star, "Tiffany is a strong woman who can handle her own battles but I hope those selfish users get karma returned to them!" Another user shared advice, "Dont give them attention lets them bark like a dog specialy its always fun listening to someone lie when you already know the truth Grinning face with smiling eyes keep it up."

Tiffany and Common have been rumored dating since last December, following the latter's split from Angela Rye. The two reportedly hung out in New York City on multiple occasions. Common was also seen among the attendees at the actress' intimate birthday celebration with her family and friends. Fueling the romance rumors, the alleged pair reportedly went on a vacation in Maui, Hawaii for last year's Christmas holidays.

Earlier this month, however, Common was rumored to be romantically linked to Solange Knowles. They were reported to hook up after the rapper attended a New York event where Solange was lauded for her "excellence at the intersection of arts and activism."

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