Trina Responds to Stevie J's Diss About Wigs of 'LHH: Miami' Ladies

In addition to Trina, the tweet rubs Trick Daddy the wrong way as he previously threatened to 'slap' the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star for his comment.

AceShowbiz - Stevie J enrages a lot of people with his recent statement about the hair of the women on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Miami". The tweet, in which he suggested them to "retire those lace fronts," didn't sit well with Trina who had fiery response to Stevie's comment.

In an Instagram video, which was shared on "Love & Hip Hop" official account on Thursday, March 5, the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star warned her co-star, "Dear Stevie J, you and every other man that has something to say about women's hair, cut it out."

"We don't talk about y'all nappy a** hair, y'all struggling beards that barely connect, or nothing else you guys have going on. When I look at 'Love & Hip Hop Miami', most of the women's hair is laid. We're talking about mine. You never catch my hair [messed up]. Always laid, always done by the best," Trina added hotly. "Are you serious?"

It started after Stevie took to his Twitter account to share his opinion on the appearance of "LHH: Miami" ladies. "Good morning! Ladies retire those lace fronts from love n hip hop Miami!" he criticized, though he excluded PreMadonna from his diss. "Fire hair & make up immediately, have our beautiful Sisters looking nuts out here!"

In addition to Trina, the tweet rubbed Trick Daddy the wrong way. "You don't wanna post on social media or comment about somebody from Miami.. if you go to social media and you comment about girlsfrom Miami or 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami', now let's get in person. That mean you're a girl dawg. Next girl dawg says something, Imma slap you!" he furiously said in a video that he posted on Instagram.

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