Trick Daddy Threatens to 'Slap' Stevie J Over 'LHH: Miami' Girls' Appearance Comments

Following the March 2 episode of the VH1 reality show, the 'LHH: Atlanta' star apparently feels bothered by the girls' wigs and decides to take to his Twitter account to share his feelings.

AceShowbiz - Stevie J has something to say about the appearance of the ladies on "Love & Hip Hop: Miami". While most viewers were talking about Amara calling it quits with Emjay and the rough start of Sukihana, Hood Brat and Kamillion's BAPS tour in the latest episode of the VH1 reality series, Stevie J was more bothered by the girls' wigs and he took to Twitter to share his feelings.

"Good morning! Ladies retire those lace fronts from love n hip hop Miami!" he criticized, though he excluded PreMadonna from his diss. "Fire hair & make up immediately, have our beautiful Sisters looking nuts out here!"

His tweets immediately garnered attention from fans and the "LHH: Miami" cast members. "Except Premadonna! that's right Stevie ...cause one thing for sure you know my hair be laid !!!" PM responded.

Meanwhile, Trick Daddy wasn't feeling the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" cast member's comments about the girls on his show. He took to his Instagram account to warn Stevie J, threatening to jump on him if he says something about Miami girls ever again on social media.

"You don't wanna post on social media or comment about somebody from Miami.. if you go to social media and you comment about girlsfrom Miami or 'Love & Hip Hop: Miami', now let's get in person. That mean you're a girl dawg. Next girl dawg says something, Imma slap you!" he furiously said while looking right at the camera.

Fans, however, were confused seeing how offended Trick Daddy by Stevie J's tweet. "He need to sit down. we ain't forget about his hair," one fan advised him while someone else asked him to "calm down." Another confused fan wrote, "Damn why these celebrities so sensitive nowadays over small comments but who am I."

Some others insisted that Trick Daddy "can't get mad cause Stevie j telling the truth lmaoo." Agreeing with Stevie J, one person noted that the wigs that "LHH: Miami" ladies had been wearing "ALL Looked Low Budget & A Hot Ratchet Mess."

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