Enrique Iglesias Says His Twins 'Love' Taking Roles of Older Siblings to Newborn Baby Girl

The 'Hero' hitmaker also finally reveals the moniker of his newborn baby girl and her Russian nickname since his partner Anna Kournikova is from Moscow, Russia.

AceShowbiz - Enrique Iglesias could not be prouder of his young twins. Five weeks after he and longtime partner Anna Kournikova welcomed their third child, the"Hero" hitmaker spilled that their 2-year-olds "love" taking care of their newborn baby sister.

When met at the event in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, February 4, the King of Latin Pop opened up about how Lucy and Nicholas adjusted "very smoothly" to the change in their family life. "They actually love it," he admitted to PEOPLE. "There's a two-year difference, so I was a little scared."

During the interview, the 44-year-old recalled, "I was like, 'How are they going to react?' And I have two dogs so my house is chaotic." As he continued explaining, he indirectly revealed that his youngest daughter is named Mary, or Masha in Russian. "When we first came home with Masha," he spilled, "I was like, 'Oh, how is everybody going to react?' "

Having just announced a joint arena tour with fellow Latin singer Ricky Martin, Iglesias revealed that the two of them discussed about being on the road with their kids. "We were actually talking about that, you know, like being on the road with kids," he said. "Ricky was giving me some advice. It's tough. It's tough, but it's doable. Obviously, we're fortunate enough that if we want to do it, we can do it."

Echoing the same sentiment as his co-tour headliner, Martin chimed in, "A lot of people say, 'With young kids, they need stability.' I think we are their stability. If we're near them, they'll feel safe and protected regardless of the roller coaster. They're next to us." Iglesias agreed, stating that no one could "separate me from my children."

Iglesias and Kournikova welcomed Mary in late January. Breaking the news about their baby's arrival was his brother, Julio Iglesias Jr. In an interview with Chilean radio station AND, Iglesias Jr claimed to have "already become an uncle." However, he refused to reveal more details as saying, "It's a secret... My brother now has three children. He's very happy."

Days later, Iglesias and Kournikova came out with their confirmation of their baby girl's birth via Instagram. Revealing that Mary was born on January 30, the "Bailamos" hitmaker put out a photo of him holding the newborn for the first time with a simple caption that read, "My Sunshine." His partner used the same caption for her own post that saw her holding the infant.

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