Ayesha Curry Denies Bashing Women for Wearing Sexy Clothes After Posting Bikini Pics

The wife of Stephen Curry responds to an accusation that she once shamed other women for posting bikini pictures after sharing her own sexy images from her romantic vacation with her husband.

AceShowbiz - Ayesha Curry has faced criticism after sharing sexy snaps from her romantic vacation with her husband Stephen Curry (II) on Instagram. The cookbook author has been accused of shaming other women in the past for posting bikini pictures, but she has quickly debunked it.

Underneath photos of Ayesha wearing a blue two-piece bikini while cuddling up to her husband, a follower commented, "weren't you bashing other women for posting bikini pics? lol." Ayesha replied, "Nope. Never actually. It’s really easy for people to read into things, make assumptions and turn a whole nothing into something."

The aforementioned user then pointed out Ayesha's old tweet in which she said, "Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters [laughing emojis]." The said user added in her comment, "Those were your words. It's cool - people change & 99.9% of the time people with opinions like your old one, tend to back track at a later date."

"Your body is amazing & I felt like your opinion on 'staying covered up for the one who matters' was a insidious, outdated opinion," the critic continued. "I was waiting for the inevitable day when you posted a bikini pic & help demonstrate that ITS NOT THAT BAD TO SHOW SOME SKIN."

But Ayesha denied that her old tweet was a jab at people wearing sexy clothes in general. "I was talking about someone walking around casually shopping in nipple pasties," she explained the sighting that prompted her tweet at the time. "I still find it freaking hilarious. But no one will everrrrr know."

Clapping back at the critic, she added, "You've got to broaden the thought process on 140 character tweets. It's not always that serious. But I love all of y'all for gassing it to try and find a weak spot."

In the same Instagram post, Ayesha faced a hater who called her out, "Steph married to an actual real life farm animal." The mother of three cleverly fired back, "yes a GOAT I know." She was referring to the acronym meaning the "greatest of all time" as opposed to the animal.

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