Lil Yachty Hilariously Snaps at Kids for Touching His Maybach

The video of the occurence receives positive response from Internet users as one gushes over the Atlanta rapper, saying, 'I love his personality he's so sweet.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Yachty's luxury stuff attracts so much attention that it starts annoying him. The rapper recently went on Instagram Live to preview his new music with Trippie Redd and Earl On The Beat before it got interrupted by a slew of kids who flocked around his Maybach car.

Yachty started his live broadcast by jamming into the new beat. However, the Atlanta rapper got pulled up on by a group of kids. Lil Boat refused to roll down his window and he could be seen having an argument for a bit with them.

One of them asked the musician for money to buy some water. The rapper didn't easily give him money as he jokingly gave him some kind of a brief interrogation. Eventually, he gave the kid some cash as he said, "I'll support y'all, so next time I see you, I want you to have some water."

However, that only made more kids start gathering around his luxury car. "There's too many of y'all... Hell nah, get your fingers off my Maybach, man," he told them. He could also be seen telling the kids that he's driving a quarter-million dollar car before driving away from the ambush.

The video received positive response from Internet users as one gushed, "I love his personality he's so sweet." Some people, meanwhile, were impressed by his talking voice. "I did not know that’s how he sounded....," one said with another added, "He sound like big warm."

One person found the whole situation hilarious, commenting, "Damn he was just about to help, they came out of nowhere like roaches." Meanwhile, one user was more concerned by how the kids easily run to other people's cars. "Ion care what nobody say the homeless ppl out in Atlanta always be runnin up real close on ppl cars," the person criticized.

That aside, Lil Yachty is gearing up for new collaboration with Lil Keed and Lil Gotit. Produced by Zaytoven, their new collaborative tape titled "A-Team" is set to be released on Friday, January 31. "Collab tape with me & my bruddas @lilgotit @lilyachty Prod. by big bro @zaytovenbeatz DROPPING @12 Tonight #HOODBABIES," so he wrote on Instagram on Thursday, January 30.

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