People Feel 'Scammed' After Jake Paul and AnEsonGib's Boxing Match Ends With 1st Round TKO

Having just won over the British content creator, the American YouTuber and musician teases a potential fight with KSI as they get into a heated exchange in the ring.

AceShowbiz - Jake Paul and AnEsonGib's first-ever professional boxing match ended quicker than anyone could have possibly thought. The American YouTuber easily defeated the British content creator during the fight on Thursday, January 30.

Jake ended the fight in the very first round with a TKO. He dominated the fight since the beginning, dropping AnEsonGib three times with his jab alone, as AnEsonGib lost his footing due to his unique crouching stance.

After a third knockdown, the referee called the fight over, ending it at 2:18. It gave Jake the first victory in his pro debut while AnEsonGib fell to 0-1.

"That was lit," Jake boasted after his win. "I caught the boxing bug. I put the work in, and I'm in love with this sport. My power, my speed took him out in the first round."

KSI, who defeated Jake's brother Logan Paul in a boxing match last December, was in the crowd and looked impressed by Jake's win. He later entered the ring and exchanged some words with Jake that was so intense, it almost got physical.

Jake made it clear that he wants to fight KSI next, saying, "KSI's next." He wanted to avenge his brother, adding, "I didn't have to f***ing win by two points. ... You had to beat my bro by a made call." He further taunted his possible next opponent, "Let's make it happen."

Following the Thursday boxing match, audience took to Twitter to express their shock at how quick it ended. "So I go through 15 different links to watch the Jake Paul vs gib fight just to see it end in 1 round? I feel scammed and didn't even spend money," one user expressed her/his disappointment.

Another similarly reacted, "Gib vs Jake Paul ended so fast I watched it illegally and still feel scammed." Someone else reacted, "After paying $19.99 for DAZN membership for the Jake Paul vs Gib fight and realised you just got scammed."

A fourth user imagined people's reaction after seeing the match with a video of a young man throwing his television. "This was not fair Gibs O button was jammed & Jake Paul Took advantage," another commented, making a reference to a game stick.

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