Chris Evans and John Krasinski Take on Boston Accents in New Super Bowl Commercial

The 'Captain America' star and the 'A Quiet Place' director team up with former 'Saturday Night Live' comedienne Rachel Dratch in a new campaign for 2020 Hyundai Sonata.

AceShowbiz - Proud Boston boys Chris Evans and John Krasinski are heading to the Super Bowl in a funny new commercial for Hyundai.

The actors join comedienne Rachel Dratch in playing up their strong Massachusetts accents for the promo, in which Evans and the former "Saturday Night Live" actress bump into one another on a street and cast doubt on Krasinski's driving skills as he pulls up in a 2020 Hyundai Sonata and begins to turn into a tight parking spot.

"Oh, you're not fitting your car in there," Evans tells the "Jack Ryan" star.

"Chris, stop being a smarty pants, alright?" Krasinski responds, as he jumps out of the vehicle and promotes the model's new Remote Smart Parking Assist feature.

"Look who's got Smart Park...! Just hit the clicker (remote), car parks itself... It's wicked (very) smart, and I can park it anywhere...! Game changer!"

The ad also features a brief appearance by Boston Red Sox baseball legend David Ortiz at the end of the clip.

The Hyundai commercial is due to air during the first quarter of Sunday's (February 02) big game, the first Super Bowl in four years not to feature the defending champions, the New England Patriots.

Instead, the San Francisco 49ers will face off with the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LIV, which will take place in Miami, Florida, with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira headlining the halftime show.

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