Steve Harvey Pissed at Rob Gronkowski for Destroying His Lego Bust on Live TV

The 'Family Feud' host looks stunned before he berates the retired NFL player for smashing his lego bust at Times Square during a New Year's Eve special.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey was furious at his New Year's Eve co-host Rob Gronkowski. As the former NFL player wanted to show what he used to do after scoring touchdowns on the field, he grabbed Steve's Lego bust and smashed it on the floor. He even kicked the shattered pieces afterwards.

"What are you doing?" Steve angrily berated Rob. "Are you serious?!" While the former New England Patriots player looked unbothered and even grinned from ear to ear, the host ranted, "I don't want to work with him no more. Why is he here?! Why are you here?!"

"What is wrong with you?! You're mentally imbalanced! This nut right here!" he continued scolding the retired athlete. "You know how hard it is to get those brown legos."

People were debating on the internet whether or not it was staged. "I'm willing to bet this was a planned stunt. The ratings for the NYE countdown have declined the past few years without Dick Clark, and they've been getting C/D list celebs to host this thing," one commented. Another agreed, "This is staged asf lmao he was holding back laughter."

However, even though it was fake, many were not amused. "This stunt was not funny AT ALLLLLL! It was disrespectful to me," one said. Another shared similar thought, "And then he kicked the pieces. The disrespect."

Steve and Rob hosted the New Year's Eve on Fox special with Maria Menounos live from Times Square in New York City. It featured performances by Backstreet Boys, The Chainsmokers, Florida Georgia Line, The Killers, LL Cool J, The Lumineers, and Tyga. It also included appearances by Will Arnett, Jenna Dewan, and Gordon Ramsay.

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