Keke Palmer Dated YG, Felt 'Deeply Heartbroken' by His Cheating

The former 'Scream Queens' actress used to date YG and revealed in a journal video that she bawled her eyes out when he revealed he got his former girlfriend pregnant.

AceShowbiz - Keke Palmer used to date YG, and it was revealed in one of the actress' journal videos on YouTube. She broke up with the rapper, whose real name is Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, after he announced he's expecting a baby with his former girlfriend Caatelyn.

Both Keke and YG were signed with Interscope Records, and they were spotted getting cozy in 2014. Their romance came to a screeching halt when he announced he knocked up his ex. "Ya'll got me up here releasing information that I ain't supposed to be releasing. Ya'll tryna scare my birds off," he said in an interview.

The "Scream Queens" alum was crushed by the baby news and bawled her eyes out. "Seen Keenon tonight," she said in her journal. "Learned he has a baby on the way. So deeply heartbroken. I guess I can now start the process of letting this man go in that way."

"He and I are clearly just meant to work. The respect is there but our personal lives are just not lined up. I hate that I care and I'm into him still. I truly just wish I wasn't. I've been crying about this baby all morning. My heart is so broken right now."

Keke was later spotted hanging out again with her ex Quincy Brown before she moved on with Elvin Jackson. After her breakup with Elvin, she hasn't been seen with anyone. Earlier this year, she was asked out by "The Bachelorette" alum Mike Johnson on live TV but she turned him down.

"I get real spooked about entertainers or reality [stars]…I don't know, it really scares me to date people in the industry. That's number 1," she explained. "Number 2: He asked me in front of everybody. I felt totally like, ambushed. I felt ambushed. I felt like it was a big ol' gag. I've been doped."

Meanwhile, YG ended up having two children with his baby mama. He confirmed dating Kehlani earlier this year but she dumped him after he was caught kissing another woman during a boozy night.

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