Andy Dick Serves Just One Night of 14-Day Jail Sentence for Sexual Battery Case

The 'Employee of the Month' comedian was ordered to serve 14 days in Los Angeles County Jail after failing to complete his community service punishment stemming from his 2018 case.

AceShowbiz - Troubled comedian Andy Dick has served just one night of a 14-day sentence behind bars relating to his 2018 sexual battery case.

The "Employee of the Month" star was accused of twice groping a woman's butt and making lewd comments as he walked past her on a Los Angeles street back in April, 2018, and he was charged with misdemeanours for sexual battery and simple battery.

He ended up striking a plea deal with prosecutors and was initially handed community service as punishment, but he failed to complete the task and was subsequently ordered to serve 14 days in L.A. County Jail.

Dick, who has struggled with addiction issues, turned himself in to authorities on December 6, but was released just a day later due to overcrowding, reports TMZ.

It's not the only legal issue the actor has faced recently - in October, he pleaded not guilty to a separate sexual battery count following an incident with a male Uber driver last year, when he allegedly grabbed the guy's crotch.

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