Andy Dick Released From Jail After Being Arrested for Sexual Battery

The 56-year-old comedian, who only paid 10 percent of his bond, has yet to be formally charged with a crime because the felony battery is still under investigation.

AceShowbiz - Andy Dick has finally gotten his freedom back. Just one day after he was arrested for felony sexual battery during a Livestream at his modest trailer which was parked at California's O'Neill Regional Park, the comedian was released from jail.

The 56-year-old walked out free from prison after posting bail on Thursday night, May 12. A spokesperson for Orange County District Attorney's Office told Page Six on Friday that his beil was set at $25,000. However, he only paid 10 percent of the total.

Andy has yet to be formally charged with a crime because the felony battery is still under investigation. He is supposed to make a court appearance on August 10, but he won't be required to do so if DA's Office decides not to pursue charges. Thus, the case will be dismissed.

Andy was taken into Orange County jail on Wednesday, according to TMZ. Sergeant Scott Steinle told Page Six that police received a call at around 9 A.M. local time from a campground facility in O'Neill Regional Park. They believe the call was placed by the alleged victim of the sexual assault, who is an adult male.

Police have not released the man's name. However, a YouTube channel titled "Captain Content RV", which captured the arrest and events leading up to it, revealed a man who goes by the name of "JJ" accused Andy of molesting him in his sleep.

Around the 3:10:00 mark of a clip from the Livestream, a disoriented "JJ" could be heard telling another person in the recreational vehicle what he claims occurred. "I was just in bed right now, and I smelled certain parts of my body … [I was] in the other RV with Andy, and … the last thing I remember, we were on the phone with his fiancee," said the man. "I smelled parts of myself and they smell like artificial smells."

"JJ" then alleged that he thought he had lotion or lube-like substance in his butt. Around the 5:29:00 mark of the Livestream, "JJ" attempted to confront Andy, but the comedian appeared more concerned with his drugs.

"Did you take my cocaine?" Andy asked "JJ", who replied, "No, I didn't even take it whenever it was offered." "JJ" then asked Andy, "Why did you assault me in my sleep?" to which the troubled star responded, "I never assaulted you in your sleep. Can you leave me alone?"

Later, Andy was seen being handcuffed by the cops before being placed inside a patrol car. The disgraced comedian, clad in a gray hoodie and black joggers, had reportedly been living in an RV with a group of livestreamers when law enforcement arrived.

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