Andy Dick Arrested for Felony Sexual Battery During Livestream at California Trailer Park

The troubled comedian, clad in a gray hoodie, is seen getting his hands cuffed by police from the Orange County Sheriff's Department before being placed inside a patrol car.

AceShowbiz - Andy Dick has another run-in with the law. The troubled actor/comedian has been arrested for felony sexual battery during a Livestream at his modest trailer which was parked at California's O'Neill Regional Park.

The 56-year-old comedian was taken into Orange County jail on Wednesday, May 11, per TMZ. Sergeant Scott Steinle told Page Six that police received a call at around 9 A.M. local time from a campground facility in O'Neill Regional Park. They believe the call was placed by the alleged victim of the sexual assault, who is an adult male.

Police have not released the man's name. However, a YouTube channel titled "Captain Content RV", which captured the arrest and events leading up to it, revealed a man who goes by the name of "JJ" accused Andy of molesting him in his sleep.

Around the 3:10:00 mark of a clip from the Livestream, a disoriented "JJ" could be heard telling another person in the recreational vehicle what he claims occurred. "I was just in bed right now, and I smelled certain parts of my body … [I was] in the other RV with Andy, and … the last thing I remember, we were on the phone with his fiancee," said the man. "I smelled parts of myself and they smell like artificial smells."

"JJ" then alleged that he thought he had lotion or lube-like substance in his butt. Around the 5:29:00 mark of the Livestream, "JJ" attempted to confront Andy, but the comedian appeared more concerned with his drugs.

"Did you take my cocaine?" Andy asked "JJ", who replied, "No, I didn't even take it whenever it was offered." "JJ" then asked Andy, "Why did you assault me in my sleep?" to which the troubled star responded, "I never assaulted you in your sleep. Can you leave me alone?"

Later, Andy was seen being handcuffed by the cops before being placed inside a patrol car. The disgraced comedian, clad in a gray hoodie and black joggers, had reportedly been living in an RV with a group of livestreamers when law enforcement arrived.

The actual arrest took place around 11:15 A.M. local time. According to Sgt. Scott, the investigation is still ongoing. "I don't know what his bail amount will be. That will take some time after he's been transported," stated the cop.

However, Sgt. Scott confirmed that the Special Victims Unit is involved in this situation. He went on to explain that "part of their investigation is to make sure that the victim is taken care of physically and that would also include a potential physical exam."

Andy has been falling off the radar following his legal troubles. In June 2018, he was charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and battery charges for allegedly groping a woman in April that year. He pleaded not guilty in October 2019 to charges he grabbed an Uber driver by the genitals.

In June 2021, Andy was also taken into custody for felony assault with a deadly weapon during an argument with his then-boyfriend Lucas. He allegedly hit his boyfriend with a metal chair. In October of the same year, he was accused of hitting his boyfriend in the face with a frying pan. He was involved in another domestic battery with his partner in November.

Last month, Andy got a visit from the authorities after his roommate, who calls himself the Wappy Flanker, allegedly pulled out a gun during a heated exchange with a third man while they were live on the web. At the time, Andy told cops he was fine and wanted to keep staying at the house. Officers left without making any arrests.

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