Dolph Lundgren Says His Sex Life Improves After He Goes Vegan

The King Nereus of 'Aquaman' says in a TV interview he decided to ditch meat and try plant-based diet after Arnold Schwarzenegger told him it could boost your sex life.

AceShowbiz - Action star Dolph Lundgren has ditched meat and gone vegan - and claims the change has improved his sex life.

The "Rocky IV" star decided to change his diet after receiving advice from his fellow beefcake Arnold Schwarzenegger, who executive produced a documentary on the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

Revealing how going vegan had helped him, Dolph told U.K. TV show "Good Morning Britain", "I've been vegan for a month, I've been trying it! A friend of mine, Arnold Schwarzenegger produced this documentary called Game Changers, I checked it out and then I figured I would try it out."

The 62-year-old was asked if rumours veganism boosted your sex life were true, and agreed - saying it had helped him in bed.

"It (his sex life) was already quite good but it went up about 50 per cent," he confessed. "I think maybe a little bit. (I'm) a lover not a fighter."

Arnold executive produced "The Game Changers" alongside his "The Terminator" director James Cameron, as well as fellow vegan evangelist Pamela Anderson.

The documentary, which focused on top athletes who've switched to a plant-based diet, appears to have had a great effect on Dolph, as the action veteran went on to say that he would be sticking to veganism, as the lifestyle has left him feeling healthier.

"I like it," Dolph added. "The most effect I've noticed is that your blood sugar is more constant."

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