Hilarie Burton Says She Never Received Apology Over 'One Tree Hill' Sexual Harassment

The former 'Total Request Live' host says it's not really shocking that those people in power didn't take her accusations against Mark Schwahn seriously.

AceShowbiz - Hilarie Burton has yet to receive an apology after accusing "One Tree Hill" showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment on set.

The star was just one of the female cast and crew of the show, including writer Audrey Wauchope and actress Sophia Bush, who stepped forward to support a series of misconduct allegations against Schwahn in an open letter back in 2017, and later told Variety about the writer/director's behaviour.

"He just leans over and starts kissing me," she recalled of one incident. "I push him off, but I can't say anything because he's on the phone fighting for our show to stay on the air. I'm just in this position where I'm thinking, 'You've got to take it, Hil. Just laugh it off...' "

She went on to recall another occasion where he kissed her in front of a crowd at a party, and labelled the behaviour "traumatizing" and "downright illegal" in the group letter.

Speaking to People, however, the actress confessed she's yet to receive an apology from anyone on the show.

"I kept quiet for a very, very long time because there was all this fear that not only would it jeopardise my career but it would hurt the careers of anyone else. It would destroy the fantasy for the fan base. There was a lot of pressure to just shut up," Burton shared.

She added that, while it's "been empowering to take control of our narrative," she feels as though the allegations weren't taken seriously by those in charge.

She added, "We still have never received an apology or a phone call from anybody who was in any position of power."

"No producers, no executives, not one single person has ever reached out to us. It's not shocking."

Schwahn was later fired from his series "The Royals" as 43 women came forward with allegations against him.

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