Princess Love to File for Divorce From Ray J, Details Family Drama

Going on an Instagram Live, the pregnant reality TV star claims that her rapper husband got 'really mad' when she rejected his offer to move to Las Vegas permanently.

AceShowbiz - Princess Love and Ray J's family drama has gotten so bad to the point where their relationship can't be fixed any longer. On Thursday, November 21, the pregnant reality TV star joined her husband's Live session just to announce that she would be filing for divorce from the rapper.

During his session, Ray was trying to prove that he never left Princess and daughter Melody in Las Vegas alone by talking to a hotel staff, but Princess apparently was beyond angry and she didn't want to hear any explanation. Using their daughter's Instagram account, she declared, "Filing for divorce when I get back to LA."

She then started her own Instagram Live session and explained what really happened between the couple. Launching his dirty laundry, Princess said that Ray admitted to "entertaining some women" because they had been arguing a lot lately. It all got worse when they attended the 2019 Soul Train Awards in Vegas, with Princess saying that she actually didn't want to attend until Ray convinced her to come with him.

After spending a couple of days in the city, Ray suggested that they move to Vegas permanently. But Princess declined right away because it's "not the place to have kids, this is not the place to raise your kids, and I just don't like it here. There's too many distractions." She added, "You already like to gamble, there's way too many party going on every night."

According to Princess, Ray got really mad when she rejected his offer and sarcastically told him that he could move to Vegas alone. He then stormed out of the hotel room they had been staying and never came back. When Princess confronted him about that, Ray allegedly said, "You're selfish. You wanna be the king in the house." Princess then said that the conversation got so "ugly" that he blocked her call and social media accounts.

Prior to this, Ray posted on Instagram a video of him denying Princess' allegation and expressed how disappointed he was that their family issue had become a public consumption. Shortly after that, she shared a couple of posts on Instagram Stories to hit back at the rapper, accusing him of lying. "People can lie all they want... I will never put on a front for ANYONE. I still haven't gotten a call, text, nothing... I'm still BLOCKED! He still hasn't checked to see if me or my daughter are OK where we are even at. So cut the SH** please. Thanks. Respect is earned..."

She added, "If we've 'so called' been there the whole time, why would you miss your baby?"

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