Amber Portwood Accused of Threatening YouTuber Who Leaked Machete Incident Footage
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Katie Joy, who has shared audio and video of the 'Teen Mom OG' star's altercation with her baby daddy Andrew Glennon, claims she has received death threats from Amber's fans.

AceShowbiz - Amber Portwood is likely facing another trouble stemming from her domestic violence case involving her ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Katie Joy, a YouTuber who first leaked video and audio of the machete incident, accuses the reality TV star of threatening her.

During one of her recent Instagram Live sessions, the "Teen Mom OG" star made a threatening remark as saying, "I know your address." She also said someone "is going to get what she has coming to her," without naming the person she addressed her statement to.

Katie claims that Amber was speaking directly to her and was clearly referencing her when she made the threatening remarks. Sources close to the YouTube star tell TMZ that she's getting threats from the MTV star's fans hoping she dies following Amber's Instagram Live, and that she's afraid one of Amber's fans will attack her.

Katie reportedly has not filed a police report because she's not sure what cops in Minnesota, where she lives, would be able to do. She, however, has reached out to the Marion County District Attorney to alert them about Amber's threat and the D.A. has allegedly passed it to the probation officer overseeing Amber's case. Should this be true, she could be facing a serious prison time.

Amber and her baby daddy Andrew were involved in an explosive altercation last July over thousands of dollars missing from their joint account. A source said that Andrew previously spent a large chunk of Amber's money "on inauthentic items at an auction."

In leaked footage obtained from Ring video which was set up at their home, Amber can be seen threatening to throw Andrew's stuff out on the street. Andrew then took their son behind the door and there's a hacking sound, which came from a machete, as Amber attempted to break into the room.

Her rep told TMZ after the audio and video leaked online via Katie's YouTube account, "These recordings, obtained without Amber's knowledge and disseminated without her consent, serve as a painful reminder of a challenging and complicated time in her life she would like to move on from. Her full focus continues to remain on reaching a move favorable custody agreement for her son, James."

Amber got 906 days of probation after pleading guilty to 2 felonies for domestic battery and intimidation in the machete incident.

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