City Girls' JT Calls Out Lil Yachty for Cheating on Her While She's in Prison
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The 'Twerk' hitmaker calls Lil Boat 'a manipulator,' revealing that he told everyone 'he really held me down' but he brought another girl at his grandma's funeral.

AceShowbiz - JT (born Jatavia Shakara Johnson) isn't happy with the way Lil Yachty treated her during her prison stint. The one-half of rap duo City Girls called out the "One Night" hitmaker during an Instagram Live for allegedly cheating on her while she's serving her time in jail.

In the live video, JT was speaking with a number of her friends, including Tommie Lee from "Love & Hip Hop". During their conversation, Tommie brought up how Yachty "stayed down" for JT while she completed her one-year prison sentence.

Disagreeing with Tommie, JT began airing Yachty's dirty laundry. According to the 26-year-old star, Yachty never sent her any e-mails or letters and cheated on her while she couldn't be with him outside. "Man Yachty is a manipulator and a liar that's why he stay in the trick zone," she claimed, adding, "because he be lying like he really held me down but he had a whole b***h at his grandma's funeral."

But JT let Yachty defend himself. She called him to join in the conversation, shouting, "Come on in here Miles. They said you been telling people you held me down. They want to talk about, so let's talk about it."

Yachty then appeared in the room off camera. Refusing to be dragged into the drama, he briefly responded to JT's accusations before leaving the room. "First off I want to say RIP grandma," he said. "Ya'll tripping over my grandma funeral? Like for real this is straight cap and I'm not with this Instagram s**t."

Yachty additionally said they're "business partners" now.

Yachty is the lead songwriter on City Girls' hit song "Act Up". He and JT are label mates, with both being signed to Quality Control. While there were rumors that they were dating, their relationship was never confirmed.

JT turned herself in to authorities for charges related to felony identity theft in 2018, the same year her group released the albums "Period" and "GIRLCODE", which included the Cardi B collaboration "Twerk". She was released earlier this month after one year for good behavior, but still has to complete one year of probation. She recently debuted a new track called "JT First Day Out" to celebrate her release.

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