Ruby Rose Gives Up Doing Her Own Stunts After Near-Fatal Accident on Set
The CW

The 'Batwoman' actress leaves her dangerous stunts to professional stuntwoman after she suffered serious injuries on the set of the superhero television series.

AceShowbiz - "Batwoman" actress Ruby Rose has given up doing her own stunts after an on-set accident left the star needing emergency neck surgery.

The actress was dangerously close to being paralysed after a stunt went wrong, and she was rushed to hospital as two herniated discs in her neck came close to severing her spinal cord.

As a result, the star revealed she's called time on performing her own stunts and is leaving the dangerous stuff to the professionals, telling Variety: "It's been a couple of months now and I'm moving around and doing my thing."

"Maybe I don't have to do everything. Maybe there's some that I can do once or twice and then, you know," she added. "I think I've earned my stripes already; I've done so many stunts in so many projects that I know I have to relinquish the controls sometimes."

It's not the only ailment the star incurred on the set of The CW series - she also had a horrific allergic reaction to the tape used to secure her mask, causing her to break out in hives.

The series debuted to rave reviews.

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